Thursday, February 12, 2015


If you love Africa, the Bushveld and birds, a visit to BOUBOU B&B near Rustenburg in the North Eastern corner of the North West Province of South Africa is a MUST! It's 4-star luxury, and if you spend some time on the patio at dawn, you will be entertained by a surprising variety of winged visitors to the very bird-friendly garden. And Nyala feeding just on the other side of the fence!

Early morning bird watching on the patio of BOUBOU B&B

A few of the birds spotted at BOUBOU B&B: 
Groundscraper Thrush,  Longbilled Crombec,
Southern Pied Babbler,  White-Throated Robin-Chat.
The beautiful Magalies mountain range.

My husband and & I was taken on a game drive.

You don't want to miss the African Sunset!
I have just completed another commissioned painting for Boubou B&B which, to me, captures a little bit of the paradise of watching the birds at dawn:

Completing this painting has been a process spread out over about a year. After an initial briefing and inspiration from Marnice, owner of BOUBOU B&B, this was the initial sketch I came up with:

With back-and -forth email conversation and more input form Marnice,  it underwent some transformations. First, the composition was changed to put more emphasis on the birds:

Then, colour was added, and the bright colours definitely struck a chord:

Several other options were considered, but it was this composition which developed into the finished product, which will soon find a place on one of the walls of BOUBOU B&B.

Previous commissions done for BOUBOU B&B include: 

Call of the Boubou

Song of the Boubou (Set of Three)

I happily undertake commissions. 
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