Monday, December 24, 2012


A lovely time of year, when families connect and when we go out of our way to make the celebration special. My presents are wrapped, the lights are twinkling and the gammon is cooked! I am very proud of the home made chocolate truffles I made as pressents this year - see them among the pressies. :-)

To everyone who stopped by my blog this year - a big thank you! I appreciate that. 

May your Festive Season be full of JOY and PEACE and your New Year PROSPEROUS!

Greetings from a VERY WARM KwaZulu Natal!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I firstly have to thank local journalist/photographer, Larry Bentley, (find his Facebook photography page here) for his kind permission to use his photograph of Nguni drinking water at the Tugela, as a reference. I saw the picture in the newspaper and asked him for permission to paint it, after which he supplied me with the original on a disk.

I spent about a month on this one - MUCH less time than the previous BIG Nguni painting. :-) 

Here it is:

Nguni at the Tugela River
1500 x 900mm
Acrylic and Oil on Stretched Canvas 

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