Friday, September 21, 2012

NGUNI HERD - finished at last!

This is a large painting and took me rather long to complete - mostly because I worked on it intermittantly over about three years. I must say I do prefer projects that can be completed in a week or a few days, but I did want to do a large Nguni painting, and I even have a plan for another one!

I first painted the Nguni cattle in with acrylic, after drawing them on the canvas, using a grid.

Then I did the background in oils, as oil is so much easier to work with when blending.

I wasn't happy with the background, so it got changed, and I added some stones:

I did some more work on the background, until I was happy with it.Now the leading Nguni needed some alterartions on it's horns, ears and face, and patterns on its skin. After that I repainted all the other Nguni in oils, and also added finishing to the horns and hooves. Oh, yes, and the stones needed some more finishing, too!

Nguni Herd Coming Home
Acrylics and Oil on Canvas
1500 x 900mm

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