Monday, July 1, 2019


This is a collage I made from photographs of a flower arrangement I made years ago. The original plan was to  make a painting based on it. Which might still happen - although in a different form!

All images Copyright E Wade

So, the other day I decided to make a pen sketch of it:

All images Copyright E Wade

Which I did while keeping hubby company in front of the TV, and which I thoroughly enjoyed.

The plan is to make copies of the sketch, which I then want to cut up and use as collage items on abstract works!

Meanwhile, I've started quite a few abstract works on paper, as well as two on canvas. I'm quite excited about what's happening on the canvases, but not quite ready to show...  

Above are some of the abstract starts I made on paper. The first stage is water soluble ink, then I added acrylic ink, gouache, acrylic, etc. 

What I'm doing at the moment may seem quite diverse, but I am actually sensing that I'm finding a direction now that I want to pursue. We'll see where that leads....  

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