Thursday, October 23, 2014


One of Africa's most dangerous animals, and a member of The Big Five, the Buffalo, compels respect and admiration, its muscular body and huge horns symbols of brute strength.

One of my first artistic efforts with the Buffalo as subject, was this sketch I did a couple of years ago:

Pencil on Paper, 360 x 520mm

And then I sketched the Big Five in pencil, measuring 1 meter in width ......... STILL AVAILABLE!

Pencil on (white)Paper, 1000 x 660 mm

A group of Buffalo in their natural habitat, which I painted in oil:

Buffalo in the Bushveld.  Acrylic and oil on canvas. 720 x 470mm SOLD

When we visit the Isimangaliso Wetland Park near St Lucia, we almost always see Buffalo.

Photograph - Buffalo near Cape Vidal.

I caught this one rubbing on a scratch post; how do you like the expression of utter bliss on his face?

Photograph -  Buffalo near Cape Vidal

Something that fascinates me about painting Buffalo portraits, is their unique facial features, more so than antelope, for instance.
Buffalo Portrait. Acrylic on canvas. 600 x 400mm SOLD

Buffalo Portrait II, Watercolour on Paper. 530 x 360mm. 

After completing the watercolour portrait, I felt like painting it again, but on canvas, and bigger. So I started by doing a few small acrylic sketches, testing the colour combinations, and, very importantly, the underlying structure, or composition (light/dark patterns). Which one do you prefer?:

I went with Number Three. Granted, it still underwent some changes in the actual process. :-)

I did the underpainting on 90 x 60 cm canvas, which I quite liked as an abstract in itself:

I then added the buffalo!  Finally, here is the completed painting:

Buffalo Portrait III, Acrylic on Canvas. 900 x 600mm. SOLD 

And, while the going was good, I did another Buffalo portrait. I really enjoyed working on this size and format: See what I mean about every Buffalo face being different?

"Great Aspirations" - Portrait of a Young Buffalo. Acrylic on Canvas. 900 x 600mm.

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