Sunday, August 30, 2009

Still Life with Flowers - Fun with colours

This is a fun project, which is still underway, but which has produced some artworks, and more are underway... My inspiration came from sketches that I did years ago - at school - probably in the Science Class(!) - to be precise!

I found them recently, scanned them in, and altered them digitally, which produced pictures like this:

From that, I started doing acrylics. Quite a number of them didn't produce the results that I anticipated. I am still busy with the process, but here are two that I am going to frame so long:

Fun Flower Studies I & II

Medium: Acrylic on Berkshire Mountboard
Size: 170x 125 mm

Nguni 26 & 27 in oils

Here are the same two Ngunis in oil:

Nguni 26

Nguni 27

Medium: Oil on Masonite

Size: 290 x 290 mm

Currently unframed.

Nguni Watercolours - Square Format

We found these Ngunis near Phobane Lake (Goedertrouw Dam) one day. A small herd. I decided to use a square format for a change, and I really enjoyed doing them.

Nguni 26 & 27
Medium: Watercolour
Size: 170 x 170 mm
They are also being framed and will be for sale.

Nguni Watercolours

I love painting Ngunis in pairs. People also like to hang this size painting in groups of three to six, so I keep painting! I also often do the same Nguni in both watercolour and in acrylic/oil. I have done these two from pictures that I took a while ago of a sizable herd near Heatonville.

Nguni 24 & 25 (Watercolour)
Medium: watercolour
Size: 170 x 125 mm
I am having them framed. Will try and add a picture of them framed, once done. They are meant to be displayed at the Hospice Family Fair at Canefields, Empangeni, in beginning October, but they are for sale. Contact me at for prices and availability.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Beautiful black-and-white Ngunis

We came accross a beautiful herd of mostly black-and-white Nguni the other day and I couldn't wait to paint them. Here are the first two - I thought the warm background really brought out the black-and-white of their skin patterns.

Nguni 22
Nguni Painting
Acrylic on Stretched Canvas
305 x 230 x15 mm
Nguni 23
Nguni Painting
Acrylic on Stretched Canvas
230 x 305 x 15 mm
For information on availability or prices, contact me @

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