Friday, June 1, 2012

Mixed Media Meanderings

In the process of investigating the possibilities of fulfilling a mixed media commission around the theme of a specific bird, I made a collection of small trial artworks:

(This was something that I did do in the earlier part of the year, so I wasn't completly unproductive, you see... ☺. These were not the only experiments, either!)

The last one on the right was the winning one. I have made a set of three, which need some finishing touches before I can show them. - Coming soon!


"Keep the momentum in your business.
Stop-start takes a lot more effort than
to simply keep the momentum."
Dani Johnson

Keeping one's painting momentum is the same -  lot easier  and more productive than to regain momentum after you've lost it. I have to confess that I lost mine for the early part of the year. Interruptions of all sorts just slowly eroded away at the time I had available to paint. I had to sit down recently, re-prioritise and PLAN time to paint again. I found it very helpful to write down all my time-stealers and other hindrances on a sheet of paper, decide which ones I was able to change and how I was going to do it. Looking at a few websites with tips to deal with "Artist's Block" was also helpful. After brainstorming  and gathering some ideas and pictures of what really inspires me at the moment, I really did feel a lot more inspired and was ready to go!

I did a few quick acrylics to get the creative juices flowing. They still need some work done to them - I might add collage and some new detail. Here is one:

And - lo and behold: another interruption! We went to St Lucia for the weekend. I managed to sit and scribble down some wings while sitting in the shade of one of the rocks at Mission Rock.

This is quite consistent with my theme of wings and flight that I'm working on. The time out in the sun, with the gulls, was very refreshing, though, and the colours of the sea never sieze to fascinate me.

Here is an acrylic of seagulls that I finished recently:  

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