Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tibouchina Home

I completed this painting a while ago. It was a commission and since it was also a birthday gift, I waited until the birthday had transpired before showing it on my blog. 

The inspiration behind the painting was the flowering Tibouchina tree in front of the gate. These trees grace the roads of our little forest town during early autumn. We have one in our garden, too!

As I haven't painted these trees before, I thought I'd do a practise run to see which media would suit it best. In this little sketch I used watercolour and acrylic.

The photo  reference I was working from, was taken on an overcast day and on the photo the composition was much darker on one side than on the other, and thus, visually heavier on one side. So I did another small watercolour sketch to solve this compositional problem.

Then I finally did the A3 watercolour painting:

2 Ashby Road

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