Friday, May 7, 2010


Every Saturday there is a tea garden (and market) in our small town in a private garden. People come to buy homemade treats and crafts contributed by the community, or find themselves a treasure amongst the used goods for sale. They meet friends and sit down to enjoy true German hospitality and generous helpings of delicious, decadent cakes and quisches over a cuppa.

I felt inspired to paint this warm meeting place. I jumped straight in, but when my painting was this far:

I decided that I needed to loosen up. Some areas also bothered me. So I made a sketch - which I should have done in the first place!

Then I did a second, smaller painting, forgetting about recording the exact details, but rather trying to capture the mood:

watercolour and ink, 195 x 135mm 

I then returned to the original painting to finish it. I washed out some foreground, splashed in some foliage and added structure and detail.

watercolour and ink, 260x165mm

Greeting cards with both the above designs
will also be available at the abovementioned market. 

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  1. Nice paintings. I saw the same art like the above one in an Art Gallery recently. It looks too good.


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