Monday, September 14, 2009

A Fresh Approach

As part of my "Fun Flower" project, the purpose of which is to loosen up, I reworked a flower still life that I did a while ago, and put down because I was not happy with the result. I now abandoned the preconceived frame of mind I had at the time and had a lot of FUN! Here it is:
Acrylic on Mountboard, 175x270mm
The digital image doesn't do justice to the bright, jewel-likeness of the colours in real life. The dark areas are also not black, but rich, dark greens and reds.
During our last visit at the beach I managed to make a small watercolour sketch of the waves. I was especially fascinated with the near-translucent jade colour of the breaking waves:
Watercolour on Cartridge; 130x90mm
Having loosened up a bit with the "fun" flowers, I decided to attempt another seascape. (Haven't done one for about two years.) It turned out to be one of those paintings that just about paints itself. Just flowed spontaneously.   I might do some more...  
Acrylic on Mountboard; 280x185mm

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